Replacing Siding On Your Cape Cod Home With White Cedar Shingles

Siding is measured by the square. Siding has a base price also and changes per degree of difficulty. A square is typically four bundles at 5 inches exposure to the weather. After I have laid down protective tarps, set my staging and stripped the existing siding now is the time to start the installation of your new siding. I wrap the walls with a vapor barrier (, I replace any window cap flashing, flash where needed, tar paper and I use Grace Vycor adhesive membrane ( around the chimney and bulkheads, install new light blocks at the door areas. It is my belief that the wall should be papered and flashed for water tightness before the siding ( goes on to protect your home from those strong Cape Cod winds.

The siding ( is your cosmetic covering. I prefer to use a white cedar shingle that is paralleled and resquared; called a “PR” or “R&R”. I also use the grade labeled “EXTRA” also called an “A” or “BLUE LABEL. The siding is natural and it can be finished before or after ( and is set at about five inches to the weather to meet the windows and doors at the tops and bottoms. It doesn’t work out everywhere so I’ll go to less exposure rather than greater to try to accomplish this. I create a story pole with the corresponding hash marks depicting the various benchmarks on the house. I use pneumatic ( staples 1-1/4” in length to staples the shingles as I go. The face nailed shingles under the windows, at the frieze board and along the rakes at the gable ends are nailed with stainless steel ring shank nails.

The siding ( also comes in precut shapes ( like diamonds, half rounds, fish scales and others that make a nice dimensional look on a gable end wall.

Congratulations, now you have new siding on the walls of your house to go with the new roof system that I previously installed. Next we need to put new doors and windows in the house that should be coordinated with the siding project to insure the integrity of the window and door installations. This will really protect your home from those strong Cape Cod winds.

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