Installing a New Deck On Your Cape Cod Home

Building decks these days has become more than just tossing up a rectangle. The outdoor deck space has turned into an outdoor living space. The first item to check is with the local building department for the permitting requirements. The frame construction should still be made of pressure treated ( framing materials. All hardware is galvanized. If you are near the water stainless steel is a better option.

The footings required have to meet the currents building codes as does the framing structure. Typically, a footing is ten inches wide and four feet deep. I hand mix the concrete and use "IN THE CONCRETE" post bases.

There is a wide range of decking materials available now from the basic pressure treated decking, to cedars, mahoganies, vertical grain fir and composites like Latitudes that has simulated wood grain on it . It is made in several colors ( Decking is available in various widths, but I prefer the 5/4 X 6 inch materials. Fastening the decking has also become art in it self too with various fasteners on the market ( I like to face screw the composite decking two per board per joist with color matched screws with or without plugs. The railings are as diverse as the decking materials. I do have a preference for the baluster configuration, so check out the web site for the Mid-Cape Home Center. Railings have to meet the current code and of course the design varies also; so we will have to discuss all this before we proceed with the permitting process.

Now I want to congratulate you and hope that you enjoy your new roof, siding, windows, doors and now a deck. You have just completed an exterior remodeling project. So, now you can tell all your family and friends who did your home’s exterior makeover.

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